McDonalds partnered with Energy Upgrade California to bring an energy efficient billboard to a Los Angeles highway. Those giant billboards on the side of the highway take a lot of energy to light through the night, so in honor of Earth Day, the company decided to shut off the billboard’s lights and create a billboard that glowed in the dark.

During the day, the billboard displays a regular advertisement for McDonald’s chicken. But during the night, it displays a special message about saving energy. They used the hashtag #BetterOff to start a conversation about the initiative.


Ben Wolan, executive creative director at DDB San Francisco, describes how they brought the idea to fruition:

We used a material called Light Tape. It’s a special tape that’s thinner than a credit card, so it can go behind the vinyl on a billboard. The entire surface of the tape is actually a light source which shines through the vinyl and it’s all completely solar-powered.

He added:

The possibilities of using energy efficient advertising in other mediums is huge. Most media placements consume energy and we’re always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption while still making the most of the media space.

What’s more awesome than a billboard that saves energy and glows in the dark? Not much.