When it comes to marketing your brand, there’s nothing like leveraging a worldwide holiday – a concept that Snapchat really took to the next level this past Easter.

In the spirit of the holiday, the platform launched an international augmented reality egg hunt from March 30th, until midnight of April 1st called the ‘Great Snapchat Egg Hunt’.

The day of the big release, Digital Trends reported:

Snapchat has hidden eggs all over the Snap Map in the U.S. and Canada (from the home screen, pinch to zoom out to enter the map). Eggs are scattered throughout public locations. Once you are close to that egg on the Snap Map, tapping the egg will unlock a new World Lens, using the rear-facing camera and not the selfie one.

Plain eggs are worth one point, while the harder-to-find golden eggs are worth five points. And Snap Maps will be keeping track of those scores so egg hunters can try to beat out their friends or even the entire Snapchat community. 

Not only did the ‘Great Snapchat Egg Hunt’ present a fun Easter challenge, but it also was a genius move on the part of Snapchat to broaden the use and appeal of their ‘Snap Maps’ feature, which has been their focus since it debuted back in mid-2017. The good news for the company is that it looks like this Easter egg hunt has done just that.

But it remains to be seen whether the Snap Maps feature can continue to deliver the same level of action-packed fun to Snapchat users, or if the Easter egg hunt was a one-hit wonder.