In its latest ad for the Galaxy, Samsung pokes fun at the deficiencies of iPhones over the past 10 years.

Following a Bruno Mars lookalike, the video shows his excitement in 2007 as he purchases his first iPhone, then his frustration as he runs out of memory when trying to take a photo. He purchases a new iPhone, only to have it ruined when he and his girlfriend fall off a dock into the water. His phone is shown sitting in a bowl of rice- while her Galaxy escapes unscathed.

He then buys the iPhone 7, and we see him struggling with a dongle on the headphone-jack-less phone before finally deciding to buy a Galaxy. The spot ends with him smugly walking past all the people lined up to buy the new iPhone X.

The video follows all of the talking points that Droid fans like to hang over iPhone users’ heads- we have everything -waterproofing, cordless charging, better camera quality- and we had it first.

But the problem with the ad is that its negative approach is more likely to appeal to the Galaxy’s current audience than iPhone users. The name of the spot – “Growing Up,” seems to insult iPhone users as childish. Plus, it focuses on all the technological bells and whistles rather than emphasizing the user-friendliness, which is what attracts most people to the iPhone rather than the Galaxy. While the ad is clever, it’s more likely to give Droid fans a chuckle than to convert iPhone users. What do you think?

Besides, at least Apple has never made a phone that explodes.




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