In an effort to appeal to Latino customers, Lay’s recently collaborated with Brazilian popstar Anitta to promote its classic potato chips in an unconventional, record-breaking way.

About the partnership

The chip brand kicked off the partnership with a 30-second TV advertisement featuring Anitta dancing to a Lay’s-inspired remix of her most popular single, “Envolver.”

But this was no ordinary remix. To create it, Lay’s team designed a recording studio that was the first of its kind. A recording studio that set a Guinness world record.

A recording studio that was powered solely by potatoes.

Lay’s potato power

With the help of over 6,000 potatoes (exactly like those used in Lay’s classic chips), and a series of wired electrodes, the Lay’s team was able to generate enough energy to operate the studio long enough to record Anitta’s remix entirely on “potato power.” The starchy recording is what viewers hear in the background of its new TV spot, “Beat of Joy.”

When discussing the decision to feature Anitta as a brand ambassador in the ad, Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay shared:

“Anitta is one of the most authentic and electric voices in the music industry. She personifies the ‘Stay Golden’ mentality and empowers those around her to do the same.”

Lay’s has also created additional social media content based on the ad, including sweepstakes where users can enter to win a voceteo kit (a Latin American car speaker system kit) signed by Anitta.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of how the potato-powered studio was created for yourself in the video below.