Airports are always stressful. Popeyes has the perfect solution for the stressed-out traveler – an emotional support chicken.

Inspired by the recent trend of ridiculous “emotional support animals,” including a squirrel and a peacock, the fast food chain is blessing travelers with a special chicken-shaped carrier. Currently, it is only available at the Philadelphia Airport location with orders of a 3-piece chicken tenders combo.

Hope Diaz, CMO of Popeyes stated:

We know holiday travel can be frustrating, and there’s no better way to ease stress than with a box of delicious POPEYES® fried chicken and a good laugh. We appreciate how comforting emotional support animals are and wanted to create our own version. The good news is that our emotional support chicken is permitted to fly without any restrictions – one less worry for busy travelers!

The “emotional support chickens” became available December 18, and will be offered as long as supplies last. The campaign is a fun way to emphasize the comfort that a good meal can provide on a stressful trip!