Pinterest’s pins have always had somewhat limited functionality, normally acting as visual representations of the images and links you’ve carefully compiled. That changed recently with the ability to download apps from pins, so get ready to start using your pins as stepping stones in intriguing new ways!

Pinterest launched an app developer platform that provides users with the opportunity to employ pins in diverse ways, as well as a golden opportunity for marketing. For example, say you want to plan a trip based on the inspiring images that you have pinned to your “Travel” board. With Pinterest’s new app ability, you could build your pins in such a way that whoever clicks on them would be directed to a place where they can plan and book their trip. Only differences is, instead of having to search all over for those links, the Pinterest app will keep everything accessible on Pinterest itself!

Or, as a more likely example, if there is a pin of a gorgeous red-velvet cake, the app could allow you to not only view the recipe, but also order the needed ingredients via said app. Not only does it open up Pinterest to be more collaborative (people are more likely to actually try a recipe when they can acquire all the necessary supplies while looking at the image), it is also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to use visual marketing. If they pay attention to clients’ and potential clients’ boards, businesses could easily market their content with some attention-grabbing pins and some savvy pinning.

No longer do these pins have to be just pictures: now, they can be the first step in making what you pin on your boards happen in real life. This sounds pretty exciting, but you’ll have to hold your horses a bit, or at least for now. The platform is currently in a US-only beta phase, so keep your eyes open for more developments on this front!