As social media continues to evolve, new ways to connect with your audience or friends will naturally develop. These new avenues of connection will take many forms and will have their own advantages, including the most expedient social media attribute of all: novelty. One of these new ways to connect and share with your audience has already presented itself: Google+ Collections.

At first glance, Collections looks like Pinterest, only minus the constant bombardment of recipe pins. In addition, Collections will allow you to pull directly from YouTube to post your favorite videos, similar to the function on Facebook. Overall, the app seems to be a promising hybrid of Pinterest and Facebook, where you can basically create different Facebook pages based on a single subject or category. This allows you to easily draw attention to what you feel fits your mood best on any given day.

Collections pic

Image Credit: Google

The novelty of a new site similar to Facebook and Twitter will draw a lot of attention and traffic early on, thus offering both users and Google+ a popularity bonus. By allowing you to post links, video, polls, events, text, and videos, Collections could become one of the most versatile tools in social media. These options offer businesses and people to run what amounts to mini-websites that can draw users and give feedback on events, services, or content. Of course, this is all free and surprisingly customizable.

Facebook and Twitter have been the dominating sites of social media for a long time, but with the advent of Collections, Google+ seems to finally have the chance to rise to the same heights. This app will give users more options to showcase their talents and gain valuable feedback and popularity in their undertakings. Collections has the potential to be a great application, if Google+ can showcase their new system properly this time.

Source via VentureBeat