Today, the social network Pinterest introduced another element into its ongoing effort toward monetization. Users can now buy products by simply clicking on a picture of something they may like.

Unlike Pinterest’s previous update, Buyable Pins, this new feature allows users to find products based on any picture they click on, not just pins designated for purchase. The site uses its vast store of arranged pictures to find products similar to the ones the user clicks on. For example, if a particular user likes a certain lamp in a picture, she may zero in on it, and Pinterest will search its files for purchasable options similar to the selected lamp:

Pinterest Picture

Features like this visual search, Buyable Pins, and Promoted Pins make Pinterest a unique social media platform. While the site still retains the “sharing” aspect of major social networks—users can follow each other and create their own curated “boards”—Pinterest has taken on the capabilities of a specialized search engine.

This synthesis sets Pinterest apart from other social networks, and gives the site an idiosyncratic environment where marketers and users willfully cohabit. As these uncommon aspects make Pinterest continue to grow in value, consider giving the social network a try.

See the Wall Street Journal for more.