As 2015 is rapidly drawing to a close, it is time to reassess your social media strategy. How can you best prepare for 2016?

First, audit yourself. What social media channels have you been using? What sort of content have you been posting? How have your followers reacted? Based on the answers to these questions, gather content that your followers would appreciate in the future. If you find a particular social media channel is not generating any buzz, consider dropping it.

Man Using Laptop on Boat

Once you have audited yourself, check and see if you are on track to your end goal. Does your social media strategy bring good ROI? Are more people visiting your website? Are you generating more revenue based on your social media presence? If not, consider scaling back. Networks that do not benefit you are not worth your time.

When you have examined these basic duties, see if you can fine-tune your particular voice on social media. Successful brands speak to the followers as they would to fellow human beings. This is key to reaching out effectively to social media audiences.

Even though a sense of humanity is an important factor toward your success, you may also want to consider a level of automation. This year alone, the number of businesses using social media managing tools rose dramatically. Tools such as Sendible or Oktopost schedule your posts automatically at the optimal time for viewers, which relieves you and your team from unnecessary stress.

That being said, always be ready to adjust to the moment. Simply scheduling all your posts makes you unable to adapt to the ever changing world around you. No one knows what 2016 will hold, and as a brand with a social media presence, you must be ready to pounce upon every opportunity that will benefit you.

Even if this year did not go as planned, you can start preparing now to make 2016 the year of your social media campaign. No matter what shenanigans happen in 2016, you can bet that social media will continue to be an ascendant force all over the world.

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