If you’ve ever plugged in your iPhone to discover this greeting you in iTunes….

….you’re not alone. The dreaded yellow “other” space that prevents you from adding data or managing your music and photos can be more than a little irritating. And for many users, seems all but impossible to get rid of. But PhoneClean 2.0 is offering a new solution. Working on both PC and Mac, the app will safely remove useless and hidden junk files on your iOS system to clean up and speed up your iDevices.

Rick Broider at CNET tried the newly updated PhoneClean 2.0 app on his iPhone 4S, with some favorable results:

…you know what? It works, though don’t expect miracles — at best you might reclaim around a gigabyte of space. Of course, if your device has only 16GB or even 8GB of storage, that might be a big deal. And regardless of how much storage you have, if you’re running out of it, any extra space you can free up is welcome indeed!

The program also give you the ability to see and review each item before you decide whether you’d like to delete it (mainly cache and script files, cookies, partially downloaded and sync-failed media files). And the best part? The app is free, so you won’t have to waste a dime to try it out.