In an effort to shed light on one of the world’s most horrifying evils, Indian NGO Sanlaap and creative agency Wunderman Thompson teamed up to create a new campaign revealing how the human trafficking supply chain operates – and how individuals can stop it.

About the campaign

Titled “Snap the Supply Chain,” Sanlaap’s new campaign uses detailed, hieroglyphic-style posters embedded with QR codes to illuminate the stories of victims of human trafficking. Many people are unaware of how complex the industry is, with victims often being conveyed along a chain of handlers, making it extremely difficult for them to be located and rescued. By sharing these posters, Sanlaap wants people to learn that they can make a difference – if they think they’ve seen someone that is being trafficked, they can report a tip so that Sanlaap can investigate – and help “snap the supply chain.”

The Stable explains the inspiration behind the design:

“Because traffickers view their victims’ lives as something to be played with, the campaign represents supply chains as a football formation in an intricate, elaborate art style. As the eye travels along the design, the victim’s story unravels and more details are revealed…

When the posters are scanned using an AR app, the technology brings the artwork to life on their phone screens, showing the supply chains and the victim’s journey in much more detail. Audiences then discover that they can intervene and help snap the supply chain. An interactive feature encourages audiences to tap to reveal a reversed version where the negative characters flip into good ones, and the victim’s story reverses from the hands of traffickers into the love and care of rehabilitation.”

Sanlaap and Wunderman Thompson are hopeful that the new campaign will help increase awareness and prevention of the terrible crimes being committed against the vulnerable. As Rahul Bhojraj, AVP & Senior Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson India, recently shared:

“Human Trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity, as we all know. But we discovered another interesting fact. The backbone of the entire industry is the intricate human trafficking supply chain.

We wanted to communicate that with the right intervention at the right point in this supply chain, victims of trafficking can be rehabilitated back to society, back to love and care.

[The] Snap the Chain series is a confluence of design, traditional format and technology that elevates visual storytelling by transforming into an interactive piece of communication, going beyond just awareness of the issue to also shedding light on the solution.”

For those of you who are curious to see the posters in action, check out Wunderman Thompson’s latest video about the campaign below.