As a fundraiser, it’s very easy to lose track of yourself in a busy year. So, in these last four months, take some time to do a rigorous self-assessment. Where is your nonprofit succeeding? Where is it failing? What can you do to accrue the maximum support from your donors at the end of the year? Asking these sorts of questions helps you better succeed in the future.

First, look at your growth. Have you added more donors than you have lost this past year? Are these new donors sustainable? Do they give regularly? Knowing your growth rate is important to remaining a healthy nonprofit. What do donors respond to? Who are you core donors? What makes them give more than others? You need to know your core donors so you can establish a uniform solicitation program tailored specifically to them.

Once you’ve assessed your donors, look at how you communicate with them. Do you do so regularly? Do you make it easy to give, whether it be through email or direct mail? Can your donors see results—do they know that their money is being put to achieving a good?  How do you deal with complaints? Do your donors know that they are appreciated? The best way to retain and cultivate your supporters is through clear communication.

Hopefully these questions will help you better identify your successes and failures. Now that the year is ending, set your sights on the future and forge ahead.

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