Move over, models! Puppets are stealing the show in a new campaign from upcycled clothing retailer Vestiarie Collective showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability.

In a new video ad segment, a troupe of puppet personalities strut the catwalk like pros, flaunting ensembles made entirely of upcycled clothing. (Not to mention that the puppets themselves are fashioned of upcycled clothing too!) Each persona represents the different customer “style tribes” – from Lady Green, the eco-conscious vixen, to Miss Classique, the luxury brand shopper. Drops seeks second-hand limited-edition specials, Hunter craves vintage glam, and Rich never misses a deal.

Enlisting the talents of film director Andreas Nilsson and British-Ghanaian fashion photographer Campbell Addy, the ad even features a cameo from fashion journalist Loïc Prigent, who provided the voiceover for the bizarre yet beguiling video segment.

Pre-loved fashion in a fresh campaign

Damien Le Castrec, head of strategy at Droga5, the agency which created the campaign, remarks:

“To make our fashion live for longer, we need to love it more. That’s why we wanted to make the most sustainable fashion the most enjoyable too. There’s no guilt in loving fashion when it’s been pre-loved.”

And while the puppets may be made of pre-loved materials, the likes of a campaign such as this have never been seen before.

Vanessa Masliah, vice-president marketing and branding, remarks:

“Our ambition, from a global marketing and branding perspective, has always been to demonstrate the brand’s mission of transforming the fashion industry for a more sustainable future. Our pre-loved campaign felt like the perfect creative expression of this and gave us such a rich platform to build a bold marketing programme around, allowing us to showcase our fashion and sustainability credentials in the most talkable way, while also speaking to each member of our growing community and the reasons they choose to shop on the Vestiaire Collective platform.”

The campaign is global in scope, with TV spots set to air in France and Italy, and digital and social media promotions being released in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, and Spain.