Auto company Mini is showcasing the capacity of the Mini Countryman with a new set of advertisements. Partnering with talented stop-motion artists, the company created two videos – filmed completely in the trunk of the Mini Countryman.

Artist Kirsten Lepore takes viewers under the sea in the short “Underwater.”

Nix and Gerber turn to the wonders of earth and space in “Camping.”

Patrick McKenna, department head at Mini brand communications, said:

This campaign intends to demonstrate how the Mini Countryman offers the space and versatility to handle even the biggest adventures.

The quality and creativity of the concepts conceived by these talented artists also align well with Mini’s design philosophy around the creative use of space, and our support of art and culture.

Using the tagline “Enough space for the biggest adventures” and hashtag #createdinacountryman, Mini showcases the increased cargo space of the new vehicle models.

As video content is the most effective type of content on social media, creative videos are becoming more and more vital for reaching consumers. Mini approached the creation of new video content in a unique way that is much more likely to grab consumer’s attention than the typical driving-mountain-roads-with-a-sexy-voiceover car commercial.