Branding is much more complex than logo development and a mission statement. More than the written or visual image, branding represents the tone and ethos of the organization. Branding is the donors’ perception of the organization.

As nonprofits, we want to ensure that people perceive the organization as close to how we perceive it ourselves. We can do that by clearly presenting the organization’s values, passion, and success in our mission. Those concepts need to come through in the organization’s online presence, visual representations, and written communications.

Think about what makes you different and showcase what makes your organization unique, not just what you think donors want to hear. Prasoon Kumar of billionBricks says it well: 

Establish your brand from the beginning by asking what it means to you, and how you wish others will perceive it. How would your nonprofit be talked about when you are not there? What impression will it leave on your audience once they are not on your website, in front of you or visualizing your marketing materials?

By creating a thoughtful visual and written representation of your organization, you will be able to better communicate your mission and draw in new supporters. Existing supporters will feel also affirmed when seeing consistent messaging and articulate expression of the mission that they are helping support. If you present your organization’s principles in the most natural, simplistic, and authentic way possible, supporters will be able to personally identify with and embrace your charity’s mission.