We all know that Instagram can be a bit jealous of the spotlight Snapchat receives, especially from millennials. As we saw earlier this year, Instagram tried to steal some of its rival’s thunder by creating Instagram Stories, which mirrored Snapchat’s feature of disappearing photos and videos. However, only a few days ago, Instagram took to their blog to announce an even newer improvement to their app:

Today we’re announcing two updates: live video on Instagram Stories and disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Instagram Direct.

In August, we introduced Instagram Stories as a way to share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. We’ve seen stories open up a new side of what people share on Instagram, and now over 100 million people use it every day. With today’s announcement, you’ll soon have two more ways to share freely and in the moment.

Hmmm… it seems as though we’ve seen these personal disappearing photos and videos somewhere. What a surprise – we have: on Snapchat. As if that wasn’t enough, the real clincher is hidden in the details of the update. According to Sasqib Shah of Digital Trends:

According to Instagram, it will notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your disappearing visual messages.

 Unlike Stories, which can be viewed by your entire network (or even set to public), your disappearing content is generally only meant for the people you choose to send it to. Chances are you probably won’t take kindly to someone taking a screenshot of your temporary content in order to save it to their phone. Consequently, being alerted of a screenshot is essential in this scenario.

 As all those with a Snapchat account know, the screenshot notification is nothing new, having been a part of the app for quite a while. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but something says that Snapchat might not be very appreciative.