With 2012 having come to a close, we want to take a moment during this holiday season to truly thank you for making this year so great.

2012 was an impressive year for OPUSfidelis, and feels like two years in one when it comes to the sheer volume and quality of work we delivered to our clients. Some of the major events we have participated in this year include: the U.S. Presidential Election, Chick-fil-A Day and the launch of the first worldwide online Catholic network.

As many of you know, social media is fast-paced and the online marketing landscape has seen seismic changes this year.

In the midst of it, from concept to fruition in less than four months, OPUSfidelis helped launch aleteia.org beta, a fully functional, fully integrated online network that is user-friendly and striking. Aleteia is built on an innovative, enterprise social media architecture, designed to connect believers and faith seekers together across 20+ online & social networks, multiple languages and locales.

In 2013, you can expect even more unique opportunities to learn about social media and maximize your business’ online effectiveness. We appreciate all of our loyal customers and eagerly anticipate what’s to come!

On behalf of the OPUSfidelis Team, we hope you and yours had the Merriest of Christmases and wish you a prosperous New Year!

David Lejeune (signature)

David G. Lejeune