Those of you trolling the interwebs for all things Apple are sure to be excited about this.  Try to contain your glee, as it seems that iPhone 6 has taken physical form and may be dwelling among us.  But before you buy a plot of land next to an Apple store and begin camping out, consider the following.

Now it is no surprise that a new iPhone would be in the testing phase at this stage in the game.  Considering that Apple churns out new devices like clockwork, something has always got to be waiting in the wings to keep up the pace.

This iPhone news is more about giddy Apple-head anticipation rather than telling us anything we didn’t already know.  After all, as noted in this   article from The Verge, Apple revealed in 2012 that new designs are tested years in advance.  We can be reasonably sure that some sort of announcement regarding a new iPhone will be made by summertime.

So what should users expect from iPhone 6 or iOS7?  Probably more of the same: slightly bigger screen, slightly more memory, slightly higher megapixel camera.  Some folks are hoping for a drastic change in the user interface, but that’s highly unlikely for a couple reasons.

First, the likely reason for a change in UI would be the change in CEO (RIP Steve Jobs), but a product that would be ready to launch this year would have been conceptualized during the “old guard.”  Secondly, track record.  Sure Jobs is gone, but that doesn’t mean that Apple will go in a completely different direction.  Apple has a pretty stellar business model with a built-in customer base.  With the market uncertainty of losing the brain behind the brainchild, this is probably not the best time to get crazy with innovation.  Apple needs to project stability and good business sense to its investors.

So, what to expect for iPhone 6?  A few minor changes marketed like a major overhaul.