It is important to make connections and build relationships with professionals who work within the same field as you. Social media is one avenue to this end, but another more direct way is through email.

woman building a stack of wooden blocks

People are more likely to open your emails if they are familiar with you via your social media presence. To build relationships with people in your field, you must become an active leader at the very least in your respective Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn spheres.

The first email you send out is the most important. So, when writing an introduction for yourself and your company, do not waste time introducing yourself as “such an such” from “so and so” company. Rather, tell your recipient how you know him, and how you think your acquaintence with him could be beneficial to both of you. Make all yourself accessible, and be forthright about your intentions.

Once you have established a relationship with your recipient, remember to follow up. Colleagues in your field can help you, and you can help them.

Reaching out to professionals in your business field for help may seem daunting at first. It isn’t. Remember that you are there to build a long-term relationship; you should not get discouraged if your emails go answered or get denied at first. Long-term success comes from perseverance.

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