Google+ has seen a lot of changes recently. From its disentanglement with YouTube to its ejection of Hangouts, the social network is revamping features and services left and right.

Such changes come as part of Google’s efforts to make a more streamlined Google+. Following user suggestions, developers at the company have completely redesigned the site’s layout, hoping to optimize the Google+ experience. Site fixtures, such as Communities and Collections, have been reconfigured to resemble groups and discussion boards on other popular social networks. For example, Communities are now more akin to highly specified Facebook groups:


Collections is a photo sharing function which groups together related posts in a format similar to boards one would find on Pinterest:


In addition, the company has focused more on improving its mobile app experience, offering greater accessibility to Google+ users. This is the biggest development in Google+’s life, as it historically has not been a mobile-friendly site. Google says that since the redesign, both Communities and Collections have seen a rise in daily users.

In the past few years, Google+ gained a reputation for being a haphazard and unorganized social network. Now, it is a streamlined site, focused on providing the user with only useful functions.

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