Happy Tax Day! While it may not be happy for everyone, some brands have taken it into their own hands to make today a little brighter, even for those who weren’t so lucky on their returns.

Not content with the typical list of holidays, these brands are using Tax Day as an extra marketing vehicle to draw people in, using sweet deals for free food and services.

Let’s take a look at some of the deals happening right now:

  • Pizza Hut

    The pizza chain joined the fun for the first time this year, offering the nation’s first ever “pizza return.” There’s some clever marketing here, as Pizza Hut asks you to fill out a form reminiscent of a tax form, which can net you a gift card if you’re lucky enough to get selected. While this is a fun idea, at the end of the day it’s just a promotional contest.

  • Office Depot

    Office Depot is offering something free for everyone, but with slightly less payoff. The office supply store is giving out coupons for free shredding, up to 5 pounds of it! Perfect for destroying the tax forms that have caused so much grief over the past month or so. The coupon expires at the end of April however, so better hurry if you want to chop-chop!

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    This well-known restaurant’s promotion is quite fair. Today only, they give customers at participating locations the chance to get on stage and sing a song, thus granting a free burger. It does require you to sign up on a list of participants, so get there early, or you may have to sit through a painful setlist before getting your reward.

  • Bruegger’s Bagels

    While it’s not free, you can get a giant bagel bundle for a pretty good discounted price of $10.40 (get it?).

So, which promotions are you going to try to snatch up? Tweet us your answers at @opusfidelis, as well as any other sweet promotions that you’ve seen today!