Storytelling. We have spoken about it before, but what does it really mean to tell a story?

Is it facts and figures? Is it statistics that show the number of people you have reached? Is it a number of lives you have changed? Is it how effective your charity is compared to other organizations?

The answer: It is all of the above. But it is also much, much more – a lot more. In fact, its so much more, you can actually forget about the facts and figures and fancy statistics and move to the basics – sharing a story about a life you have impacted in a positive way.

What you need to do is share the uniqueness of your organization via video or words, or both together, in a way that touches the heart and mind, but mostly the heart, of the viewer.

Check out this video done by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA that does exactly that in a visually intriguing and compelling manner. It’s so well done you don’t even have a clue what’s coming until about two-thirds of the way through the video. The build up is great and the punch line is even better! Watch the video here:

This is storytelling at its best.

How are you telling your story?