Last week, Giphy launched a new web-based gaming platform called Giphy Arcade. Giphy Arcade allows users to create 10-second “microgames” with their favorite gifs and image stickers in obnoxious colors. It can be accessed via desktop and mobile, and the games can easily be shared with friends.

Creating your own game is ridiculously easy. First you choose a basic game type from existing templates:

Source: Giphy

In the next steps, you select the stickers you want for the different elements in the game ( i.e., your avatar and their enemy or obstacle) ; the background you want; and last but not least – your game soundtrack.

Source: Giphy

And you’re all set. Don’t worry if you don’t catch on quickly – you have unlimited restarts. Beautiful.

Source: Giphy

The graphics are super tacky, the music is super tacky, and oh – the unabashed advertising is super tacky. But you know what? That’s part of what makes it fun.

In a conversation with Mashable, Nick Santaniello, a Giphy senior product engineer, related :

“We drew a lot of inspiration from classic 80s and 90s games so that the mechanics would be very accessible, even for those who don’t necessarily consider themselves gamers…We wanted it to evoke early 00’s web/flash games and deliberately designed it in [a] way where it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Only time will tell whether this latest venture grows into something bigger – it’s just latest step in Giphy’s expansive growth over the last couple years.