Creating shareable content is essential to gaining recognition for your business. Whether it be a blog post, a Facebook post, or a simple tweet, you should create content that people will feel compelled to share. This is easier said than done, so to help make your content more shareable, check out these few tricks:


  1. Vocally Encourage Shares.
    For blog posts, this means adding a “share” button. For social media posts, this means including a “call to action” in the post itself. Do not be shy about soliciting shares: most people would not think of it unless you asked.
  2. Make Entertaining Content.
    People love to be entertained. So, to make your content informative, but engaging. Employ humor—people are more likely to share something that made them laugh.
  3. Use Facebook Authorship.
    This Facebook service allows people to see the original author of shared content. Using Facebook Authorship links all your content back to you on Facebook—which is the largest social network. The more shares you get, the more you are viewed, and the more people you can engage with on Facebook. Bingo.
  4. Mention Other Entities.
    Mentioning other entities—businesses, experts—increases your reach. If you mention these entities favorably, they will likely share your content, thereby introducing you to a whole new world of followers.

When people constantly share your content, you become ensconced in people’s minds as an authority and a trustworthy business. This exposure will bring you success not only socially, but ultimately, financially. Keep your content entertaining, eye-catching, and shareable, and then with a bit of strategy, and your content will be shared.

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