As summer ends, and December is in sight, fundraisers need to remember basic strategies. This is crunch time for you and your donors—are you prepared? There are a few things that fundraisers must remember, but often forget. Let’s examine them.

First, are you actually asking for gifts? This may seem like a foolish question, but many fundraisers neglect to actually ask for gifts in their outreach. Saying you would “appreciate a response” or you’re “hoping for some follow up” is too subtle. It’s a fundraiser’s role to ask for gifts, so be bold and ask clearly and directly. Your supporters are much more likely to give when directly asked than if the solicitation is implicative.

Be sure to use more than one channel when asking for gifts. Both email and direct mail are important aspects to a fundraising program. Do not neglect your email list—your donors need constant online updates. On the other hand, do not neglect direct mail. Even though we are a culture becoming steadily more reliant on the Internet every day, most people still read their mail and respond to direct mail solicitation. So, to maximize your success, don’t pick one or the other. Pick both!

As the year closes, continue to cultivate relationships with your supporters. Send them letters of appreciation or newsletters to keep them updated. It is important to solidify your relationships with donors in these last few months. A strong relationship right now paves the way for a healthy relationship next year, and in the many years to come.

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