Free web services want to collect as much of your information as possible. That's common knowledge by now. And no matter how diligent we are about locking down our social profiles, the vast majority of us end up on lists that show our information on the internet. Maybe you signed up for a free service in the past, but never really used it and don't want your information out there. is here to help erase information from the web by helping you delete some of those unwanted accounts. Developer Robb Lewis lists hundreds of web services and provides information on their account deletion processes. Lewis even includes direct links and ranks each site by deletion difficulty: 'easy,' 'medium,' 'hard,' and 'impossible.' (In case you're wondering, Netflix and Pinterest made the 'impossible' list.)

The best part is that is totally free. Here's how you can start erasing your unnecessary accounts:

  1. Go to and browse the list to find services from which you'd like to delete your account.
  2. Click and follow the instructions to unsubscribe/delete your account.