Last week, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) reported that an unknown party gained access to its computer systems, disrupting booking channels and mobile applications for multiple hotels within its Holiday Inn chain.

About the attack

While it is currently unclear what kind of attack took place or what data was accessed, cyber experts speculate that it was a ransomware attack. IHG reported that the affected systems were down for over two days, and that it is currently investigating the full impact of the attack.

During the time of the incident, multiple complaints were made by customers on social media who were concerned about its effect on their ability to make and change reservations, but IHG said that it is working closely with the impacted hotels, which are “still able to operate and take reservations directly,” even if they are inaccessible through the mobile app.

As the tourism industry returns to normal, experts warn people to “stay vigilant while making arrangements,” as cyber attacks on travel-related entities are on the rise.