In what might be the wackiest collaboration of 2023, last week Pop-Tarts announced their partnership with Crocs to release a limited-edition product: Pop-Tarts Croc-Tarts.

If the Croc fits: a partnership established on… perforation?

According to PR Newswire, Pop-Tarts Croc-Tarts is an exclusive product kit that includes Pop-Tarts you can wear, and Crocs you can eat – a mashup that the food and shoe companies declare makes total sense, because “[they] both have holes.” The release is part of Pop-Tarts’ larger “Crazy Good” campaign, which launched earlier this summer in an effort to build on brand nostalgia to re-engage adult consumers who enjoyed the snacks as children.

When discussing the vision behind the partnership, Pop-Tarts’ Senior Director of Marketing, Heidi Ray, commented:

“Pop-Tarts has been committed to inventive snacking since we first turned toast and jam into an iconic, irresistible toaster pastry, and our latest ingenious collab further lets fans get creative and express themselves while challenging the idea of where Pop-Tarts can show up, and what can show up on a Pop-Tart toaster pastry…

When thinking about bringing these two iconic and beloved brands together, we couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarity of the Crocs shoes and Unfrosted Pop-Tarts. We’re excited to unveil our newest snacking twist, an interactive experience where fans can add flavor to both using fun and distinct charms.” 

Food for the foot:

For a chance to purchase the peculiar paraphernalia, fans must enter a sweepstakes via Over the course of four different drawings, 240 applicants will be selected and granted the opportunity to bring home:

  • 1 Pair of Unfrosted Pop-Tarts-inspired Crocs featuring five (5) Pop-Tarts-themed Jibbitz™ Charms
  • 1 Box of Unfrosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts Pastries
  • 2 Packs of gummy Pop-Tarts Jibbitz™ for decorating (and eating) your Pop-Tarts pastry
  • 1 Pair of flavor-inspired socks
  • 1 Pack of edible glue

Priced at $70, some fans may think this is a “crazy good” deal – but regardless of the cost, we think we’ll mind the one letter difference and keep our foods and foots separate.