As more and more content is viewed on smartphones, a need has arisen that has never existed before – a need for vertical photos and video. With Snapchat and Instagram stories as the top social media networks among young people, this trend appears to be here to stay.

How then, do you create vertical content for Snapchat, Instagram Stories and other vertically-styled platforms?

Start with vertical from the beginning

Although it can be tempting, don’t try to create vertical content from horizontal content – instead, create new photo and video content designed with vertical specifically in mind. While it may seem easier to adapt previous content, it’s better – and usually easier – to create content made for vertical format, especially with video.

Look to selfies for inspiration

Like selfies, vertical format forces you to narrow your field of vision. Don’t fight against it – use it to your advantage. Use vertical video to create a more personal, up-close feel.

Incorporate text

The up and down format of vertical content allows more space for text. Have fun with bold, playful fonts, and allow viewers to know what’s going on in your videos whether they’re listening with sound or not.

Think outside the box

Vertical content is still a relatively new format – so there aren’t a lot of “rules” about how the content should be used. Don’t be afraid to experiment!