Originally installed in 1920, Coca Cola’s billboard in Times Square is one of the longest-running billboards in the world. It has gone through many iterations over the years, but the latest update to the billboard is like nothing you’ve seen before. Winning a Guinness World Record for world’s first 3D robotic billboard, the billboard is six stories tall, and has 1,760 LED light cubes that slide in and out to make 3D designs.

The billboard was four years in the making for Coke. It required extensive engineering, weather testing, and development of unique motion technology.


Coca-Cola has the ability to create ever-changing content for the billboard based on time of day, and tailor the visuals to commuters or tourists. Kim Gnatt, Coke’s director of Business Strategy said of the billboard:

Our proprietary 3D technology brings our iconic brands to life in a unique and differentiated way that will hopefully catch peoples attention and make them want to engage for a longer period of time

Similar to how you create a music playlist for your day, we have the ability with this sign to build a 24-hour playlist of content that’s important to our brands, and timely and relevant for our fans.

Coke has always been at the forefront of advertising, and this billboard is no different. Seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day, it proves that physical advertising can still be relevant and innovative in an age of digital media.