To encourage safe boating and promote its line of non-alcoholic beers, Carlsberg Sweden recently dropped a fully-functional bar on the ocean floor.

About the stunt

According to Carlsberg’s latest ad, alcohol plays a role in over 50% of boating accidents – and the beer company wants to raise awareness to help end irresponsible drinking. So naturally, executives decided that placing a pub at the bottom of the sea was the best thing to do.

Henric Byström, communications manager at Carlsberg Sweden, stated;

“As a leading brewery and distributor of alcoholic beverages, we have a responsibility for how our beverages are consumed. Our ambition with the underwater bar is that it will be an important reminder to abstain from alcohol at sea, and choose an alcohol-free alternative instead… For those who still want to enjoy a good beer on the lake, there is a large selection of tasty non-alcoholic beer. At Carlsberg Sweden alone, we currently have 15 different non-alcoholic beers in our portfolio.” 

At 11.5 ft wide and 8.2 ft tall, the bar features a neon sign with the words “Don’t Drink And Boat” across the top, and “Stay Sober And Float” written across the back wall. Complete with a counter, stools, fridge, and taps, Carlsberg’s bizarre exhibition currently rests underneath the waves off the coast of Smögen.

For those interested in seeing the bar for themselves, it will be on display next to the local pier for the rest of the month, and the local diving club will also be taking groups of ambitious undersea-drinkers down for a round at select times.

The specifics of how exactly this will be accomplished remain unclear. But who are we to let logistics get in the way of ingenuity?