A dark horse recently beat out a Kylie Jenner post for the most-liked photo on Instagram, which had 18 million likes. What is this mysterious new world-record holder?

An egg.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about it either – it’s just a plain brown egg on a white background. Yet, it has managed to gain 51.9 million likes, and currently has 9.6 million followers. Since the first post, the account has posted three additional posts with cracks growing in the egg.

world record egg instagram

With so many followers, many brands were seeking to partner with the egg, but the manager of the account remained elusive. Nik Sharma, the head of digital agency VaynerMedia’s direct-to-consumer business, emphasized the exclusiveness of the egg:

Being the first brand to crack out of the egg is worth at least $10 million.

Over the weekend, the egg’s mystery began to unfold.

On Saturday, the account posted a picture of the egg with football stitching, hinting that “all will be revealed” after the Super Bowl. Followers could watch the egg crack first on Hulu.

Sunday evening rolled around, and the egg cracked to reveal a message about the pressures of social media. The egg linked to a website with mental health resources around the world.


With Instagram as the social media platform notorious for its unrealistic images and pressure to show a perfect life, the message was refreshing and appropriate. Additionally, the egg proved that you don’t have to be a Kardashian to get the most likes.