Are you continually burning your buns? Do you find it difficult to avoid charring your chili? Scorching your scampi? Roasting your ratatouille?

If you’re a McDonald’s fan, the fast-food chain may just have the answer for you.

After realizing that many of their customers placed orders following at-home cooking disasters, the creative team at McDonald’s teamed up with TBWA\Neboko to produce a smoke detector that will order food from McDonald’s when it detects that something has been cooked a little too well.

How it works

Designed and 3-D printed in the iconic big Mac shape, the IoT-powered device presents yet another answer to problems that already had superior solutions!

Once you win, just slap that bad boy on your ceiling and select your favorite McDonald’s item. Upon detecting smoke, the device will send a text message asking you if you would like said item delivered – and if you reply affirmatively, the menu item will be delivered to your doorstep promptly.

Behold! The wonder.

The brilliance.

The ingenuity.

How you can get one

The detector is part of the company’s latest campaign to boost purchases while lending a helping hand to the less gifted cooks among us. An extremely limited quantity of these special edition detectors will be available to Netherland residents to win – all you have to do is snap a pic of your worst cooking disasters and submit it to the McDonald’s app for consideration by May 2. The most atrocious offenders will be selected to receive a free McDonald’s McDelivery Detector.

Sadly, the detectors are exclusively for prizewinners and will not be available for purchase. And apparently, they are “not a substitute” for real smoke detectors – hence, all winners will also receive a “real” smoke detector in addition to their McDelivery Detector. (Seems like a lot of detecting, but OK).

Darre van Dijk, chief creative officer at TBWA\Neboko says:

“How cool is it to have an extra gadget like the McDelivery Detector in your home that arranges food for you when your own cooking skills let you down? We even integrated the iconic McDonald’s jingle as a warning sound that lets you know your favourite food is on its way to your home.”

Not only can you have a subpar burger smoke detector grace the ceiling of your house and automatically spend your money for you – BUT instead of beeping it will basically play an in-home audio commercial for McDonald’s while your order is en route! How cool is that?