As the old adage states: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” So what exactly is the point of TV advertisements, if you are unable to view any info about how effective your ad is? Answer: there is no point, other than to waste money.

But not anymore: with Google’s new TV Attribution, companies will be able to have data collections from their ads, which will help them to create better ads to then drive more traffic to their websites.

Google Analytics has finally released a feature to the analytics world that will be able to provide actionable data to TV driven website hits and searches. In other words, TV advertisements will once again become meaningful.

Google’s Adometry TV Attribution will analyze Google search data and provide insights into the Users customer journey, keyword performance, and search behaviors. This will accomplish three things for a company:

  • Assess Immediate Influence: See which messages are sticking in the minds of consumers to both maximize TV interest and choose ideal keywords for SEO and paid search strategies.
  • Evaluate Awareness Goals: Optimize against a digital signal even when a site visit isn’t the primary goal, such as in brand awareness or sponsorship campaigns.
  • Analyze Competitive Category: Glean which generic keywords drive category interest for the industry — a type of insights not possible through site traffic analysis alone.

The new analytics platform will be able to deliver on the client’s needs in several key areas:

By Integrating directly with Rentrak TV Essentials, TV Attribution now overcomes some of the biggest hurdles in TV measurement, with increases in:

  • Actionability: TV Attribution can more quickly and easily obtain TV data for analysis without time-consuming coordination from you or your agencies.
  • Accuracy: Rentrak provides a comprehensive data set with aggregated viewership information from more than 30 million televisions across the country, and from more than 230 networks.
  • Frequency: A direct relationship means more frequent reporting since there is no longer a manual find-and-transfer of data required from TV buying partners.

By partnering with Rentrak, Google will have key and immediate data to base their analytics. This feature will provide companies with actionable data on how their TV ads are affecting their audience, and if their ads are driving any traffic to their company website. In effect, easy to use data, quickly.

Source and Quotes via Google Analytics Blog.