Social Media Today reports that Snapchat is currently testing a handful of new features, the first of which is the “‘Multi-Snap’ option in the composer, which would enable users to create a string of Snaps at once, then post them all together.” The discovery of the feature was made by Twitter account Everything Snap.

Snap users will be familiar with a similar option which snap introduced in 2017, allowing users to string together a series of videos for one long video post. This new tool allows users to do the same – but with images, instead of videos. Although technically you can presently accomplish this through some workarounds (i.e., through using airplane mode or posting the images after saving them to snap memories), this feature would make it a much easier process.

The next upcoming feature is a “new Bitmoji stickers collection for Stories replies.” Social media coding sleuth Jane Machun Wong discovered this second feature, which Social Media today explains “would essentially replicate what you can do with the Bitmoji extension for iMessage.”

Wong also uncovered a third hidden feature:

 … [A] new Snapchat Events functionality… which would enable users to create an Event – including a name, location and time – and facilitate a group chat for invitees… The functionality seems like a more basic version of Facebook events – as noted here, invitees would be able to swipe up on an invite to join the related group chat, while you’d also expect there to be in-app reminders of upcoming events and other options to help maximize awareness among your group.

Snapchat has not indicated any official launch dates for the features, which are currently in test mode.

For all apps, regardless of function, it is important to accommodate the needs of users as technology, society, and social media continue to evolve. We will keep an eye on these updates to see whether they add value to the Snapchat experience