Pepsi turned 125 years old last week, making it the world’s eighth oldest soda brand. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the iconic brand is throwing a 125-day-long anniversary party, complete with 125 unique giveaways, promotions, and immersive experiences.

Party hard with Pepsi

To kick off the festivities, Pepsi announced the release of its new logo, which hearkens back to the soda’s original look, in addition to a giveaway of free soda to U.S. consumers.  And that’s just the beginning. The brand is also partnering with a variety of organizations and celebrities to remind consumers why Pepsi has been a customer-favorite for over a century – from working with People to release a special Pepsi-focused magazine, to revamping historic ads featuring Madonna and Tina Turner.

As part of the anniversary campaign, the soda company is also venturing into the experiential territory with The Pepsi Diner. Designed to look and feel like a classic American diner, the Pepsi Diner will feature classic Pepsi memorabilia, and will open from October 19–25 in New York City. Fans interested in dining at the pop-up restaurant can sign up to be notified when tickets for the Pepsi Diner experience will be released. For as little as $50, Pepsi devotees will get to spend two hours in the restaurant, where they will enjoy a full three-course meal curated specifically to pair with the soda, including special Pepsi food creations like “Pepsi Colachup,” as well as unlimited free Pepsi drinks (obviously). Pepsi cocktails will even be available for purchase for those over 21. Additionally, the company is holding a sweepstakes in which it will select five non-NY-based fans and a friend of their choice to travel to the Big Apple and experience all the diner has to offer.

Building a branding legacy: Pepsi reflects on its past, present, and future

Pepsi has long been known for its sensational advertising campaigns, with its celebrity music videos, the Pepsi Girl, “Is Pepsi OK?,” the Pepsi challenge, and most famously, its decade-long sponsorship of the Super Bowl halftime show. This anniversary celebration offers yet another example of the creative heights Pepsi will rise to in its advertising as it utilizes popular marketing initiatives from its past to create new innovative experiences that will keep customers coming back for more.

As Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Kaplan recently commented:

“Pepsi has become an iconic brand over the past 125 years with a rich legacy of challenging the status quo in pursuit of enjoyment – both in the beverage industry and pop culture at large. As we celebrate the brand’s historic milestone over the next 125 days, we will honor some of our most cherished cultural moments as we look ahead towards our next chapter with the rollout of the new Pepsi logo and visual identity.”

He’s right. Pepsi’s brand success – particularly in popular culture, is remarkable. But it almost stands as a case study for the limits of what advertising can accomplish. For all of Pepsi’s flashy and groundbreaking marketing over the years, Americans still prefer Coke. And no amount of advertising is going to change that.