It’s been a busy year across the interwebs.  There have been all sorts of amusing memes although they might have gotten lost among the overwhelming number of political posts on your newsfeed.  Here are the 6 best meme templates of 2012.  (You can also generate your own at

The classic Startrek the Next Generation facepalm meme.  Captain Picard can be used to point out the silly behavior of your friends and acquaintances.

Nothing says silly like the History Channel running a show called Ancient Aliens.  Giorgio Tsoukalos, pictured below, makes the perfect meme to package your silliness and blame it on aliens.

We feel bad for this poor kid.  Bad Luck Brian’s face has become synonymous with weirdness and awkwardness.

These Dos Equis commercials were designed to be memes.  The commercials themselves are clever and amusing, so it stands to reason that this is a popular meme.

Enter “Grumpy Cat” or “Grumps”.  There is no better way to share how dispassionate you are about a situation or to share your downright distain for something than by way of Grumpy Cat.

Finally, the “what they think, what I think” meme, which was probably the most over-used meme of 2012 (with possible exception of the “Call Me Maybe” meme (not included on our list because it’s rarely funny and we are sick of looking at them).  The below meme pretty much always include the same six pictures titles, describing what others think of a situation and ultimately the reality of a situation at the end.

So, favorite meme of 2012? We know you have one. Tell us, before a new surge of memes starts flooding the internet in 2013!