The past decade has been one of turbulence for the nonprofit industry. Because of the internet’s widespread nature, more nonprofits have been able to reach out and connect with their supporters through the emerging media, but in the mix, retention of these donors has become a challenge. Here are five basic steps for keeping donors interested in your charity organization.

  1. Use social media effectively.
    The young, the old—everyone uses social media, including businesses and nonprofits. But most don’t know how to use it effectively. Social media provides a wealth of data not previously accessible expect through expensive research. It is now easier than ever to use tools like Facebook Insights and Google Trends to tailor your message to the people most likely to give to your cause and customize your message providing a platform that delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.
  2. Make your message clear.
    Always provide clarity. People have the ability to research your organization and to scrutinize everything about you before choosing to donate. The result is that nonprofits have no other choice then to be as transparent and authentic as humanly possible. Your donors are always watching; act accordingly.
  3. Use substantial content.
    Provide your donors with substantial content. Asking for money is important but in the new paradigm of donor engagement it is far more important to provide details of the work your nonprofit is providing. And even more importantly to demonstrate the actual impact being made. You can provide content in many ways, through blogs, social media and your website but it must be relevant and easy to consume, share and engage with.
  4. Take SEO Seriously.
    Making yourself visible is essential. Blogging and using social media is a great way to get exposure to a wider audience and share your great content. But it is not a “build it and they will come” scenario. Yes, you must build it, but without effective use of online tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you will be lost in the billions of other nonprofits seeking an audience.
  5. Create a blog.
    As previously mentioned, blogging is an excellent way to keep your followers informed on your organization’s accomplishments and is the primary way to provide relevant content and keep people informed. It also offers a platform for getting your donors more involved by asking them to comment, share, like and engage,  not just with you but the larger community.

Sourcing via Forbes.