We hope all of you had a happy Fourth of July with your friends and family. On the heels of this wonderful holiday, we want to share one of the best ways to increase engagement on a holiday with this special content strategy: infographics!

Here are 4 reasons you should try infographics this holiday season:

  1. Well-made infographics are compelling and attractive. People would much rather look at neatly organized, brightly colored statistics, facts and images than they would a page full of print. Utilize this and create a holiday themed infographic that will peak potential consumers’ interests.
  2. Due to the appeal of infographics, and fact that infographics are so easily shared on different social platforms and websites, their capacity to go viral is much greater than that of an ordinary image or blogpost.
  3. On that note, infographics are also embeddable. When designing and publishing your infographic, make sure it has an embed code. This means that every time someone uses your infographic on their site, an automatic link will be created from their site to yours.
  4. Every good infographic contains the logo of the company who made it. This watermark is essential to creating brand awareness. If other companies share your infographic, it essentially means free marketing for you!

With that in mind, here is a fantastic 4th of July infographic from History.com to give you an idea of how a good infographic works!