Are you having trouble generating leads on your website? Sometimes – no matter how sophisticated your social media strategy is – a confusing website can scare potential customers away. Here are three helpful tips from Social Media Today to boost your website engagement.

1. Simplify your contact forms.

Contact forms should be as simple as a “name,” “email,” and “phone number.” Anything more can lose a readers attention and thus lose perhaps a valuable contact. Remember, the average human attention span is only eight seconds long, so simplicity is a must. You can get any secondary information once you’ve made that first contact.

2. Stand out.

No matter what design or what color scheme you are using for your website, it needs to stand out. Opaque blues and dull grays won’t draw people’s eyes to the important buttons. You need bold colors that stand out and make it easy for viewers to clicks on the most important things.

3. Install a retargeting pixel.

This is an oft-overlooked tool that can draw previous visitors back to your website. All you have to do is install a snippet of code on your contact page or your product pages on Facebook and you have the option to tailor Facebook ads to users who have visited your website in the past 30 to 60 days.