Some avid YouTube users are welcoming a new update to the desktop site, while others are saying the update is long overdue. What’s the change?

YouTube has finally launched a miniplayer feature for desktop users that allows you to browse and watch a video at the same time. This feature has been available on the app for a while.

To access the feature when playing a video, users simply click the new miniplayer button in the lower right corner, which shrinks the video and allows you to browse other videos on the site. The miniplayer has the normal play/pause and previous/next video option, and can be closed by pressing ESC or X. The feature works with playlists and livestreams as well.

The update is receiving positive feedback overall, although some users reported bugs initially.


Some hope that YouTube will soon allow the feature to function while browsing on other websites as well, but that might be too much to hope for at this point. Either way, the function definitely makes browsing videos easier.