Even as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat become more popular places to post video content, YouTube still holds its place as the most popular video-based website. Considering YouTube boasts over 1 billion users (that’s a third of all web users), marketers should continue using the site to grow their brand awareness.

iStock_000059444084_MediumYouTube is different than the social networks that have only recently started hosting videos because of its exclusive devotion to video. Unlike Facebook, people do not stumble on videos on YouTube. They actively seek them out. This affords marketers with the opportunity to make longer content that is more focused on informing the user rather than directing him to a website or a product, like a shorter video on Instagram or Snapchat might do.

YouTube also has a culture associated with it that can help brands that are just starting out get on their feet and amass more users. For example, partnering with a “YouTube celebrity” could get a channel more traffic simply because users like seeing a familiar face.

Here are some tips for using YouTube to your business’ best advantage:

  • Consistency – Just like a blog, a YouTube channel is a commitment. To maintain an audience, pick a schedule and stick with it. That way, your followers will know when to check out your newest videos.
  • Relevancy – Always make sure your content addresses your audience’s questions and concerns while dealing with major trends and issues in your industry.
  • Thoroughness – Be sure to take advantage of everything YouTube offers. Titles influence SEO as do your choice of thumbnail pictures. Be aware of every detail in your videos; your audience is always judging quality.
  • Have an Engaging Voice – Always respond to comments on your videos. Be helpful and polite. Moderation is often the hardest part in maintaining a social media presence, but it has the biggest payoffs.

Video is the way of the future, and YouTube is the perfect platform to get started. Hopefully these tips will help you improve your YouTube channel, or start one if you do not have one already.

Sourcing via Social Media Today.