In what has to be the most exciting power upgrade to a personal device since the Swiss invented the perpetual motion watch, a company called Ideation Designs just announced the creation of the Infinity Cell, a kinetic charger that fits in your pocket. Translation: You can now (or will soon be be to) charge your iPhone simply by walking around over the course of the day.

Though the case currently only promises that your phone will charge when you shake it (for 30 minutes, no less), the device does create enough power to charge your phone through movement, and the company hopes to soon release a version that can keep your phone fully charged from the movement of your daily activities.

As batteries become easier and easier to charge, technology like this could easily replace standard wall chargers for all your devices. For now though, there is a dangerous caveat to this new technology: constantly keeping your phone fully charged will kill the battery faster. Your phone was designed to charge up and then run till it died, not constantly recharge a few percentage points at a time. Unfortunately, that is exactly how the Infinity cells proposes to charge your phone.

Still, the battery was designed the way it was so that it would be convenient for you now. Once keeping your phone constantly charged by a kinetic device becomes popular, the battery designs will change. The Ideation team deserves a lot of credit for creating a great prototype to an Earth-shattering product.