As the end of the year approaches you are likely kicking your fundraising efforts into high gear. How can you motivate your donors and prospects to support your nonprofit this holiday? How can you engage them more fully, authentically, and in such a way that they select your organization before all others?

The number one tip for end of the year fundraising: connect with donors in person.

Meeting with donors in person is critical for nurturing the best donor relationships possible.

The reality is we simply don’t reach out on a personal level as often and as passionately as we should. And if we do reach out personally, we might take the easier route – send an email instead of writing a letter, write a letter instead of making a phone call or making a phone call instead of meeting the donor in person.

May we suggest you flip that approach and do the opposite? In other words, if you feel the donor should get a letter from you, then make a phone call instead or even make a personal visit to their home or office. Or invite them to a special event or for a tour.

If donors see that you have gone the extra mile, it will be reflected in their giving. The donors will appreciate the attention, and you will be more connected to the donor than ever before, heading into the new year with stronger donor relationships that you can continue to build.