World Market is putting a quirky twist to their Christmas marketing this year by featuring llamas. The chain is running the “Golden Llama” giveaway, where shoppers who find a golden llama in stores receive a giftcard worth $20, $50, or $100. They also just released a new Christmas ad featuring llamas. Sounds amusing, but ridiculous, right? Wrong! This ad will make you cry!

The ad shows the anticipation of a little boy as he practices his trumpet solo for the Christmas pageant- in front of his llamas. The llama audience encourages him as he struggles again and again. Flash forward to the day of the performance. Tension is in the air, his nerves have got the best of him, but as he opens his trumpet case and takes the stage, a baby llama ornament is there to keep him company.

In telling the story of this aspiring trumpeter, this charming ad perfectly encapsulates all the feelings of the holiday season: the stress, the anticipation, and the joy of family. For anyone who’s been in a Christmas performance, it’s completely relatable. And it proves that you can do anything with the support of your family (and llamas.)


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