Following Twitter’s recent release of “Moments,” there is increasing speculation that the social media network might also lift its 140-character limit. Are we witnessing an overhaul of one of the major social networks?

Bluebird with smartphone

The project, ingeniously code-named “140 Plus,” is headed by Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO. The resulting product will supposedly change the way Twitter users publish posts, although everyone outside of the project is still unsure how.

This newest development in Twitter’s evolution comes with a wave of changes. In June, Twitter lifted its 140-character limit on direct messages, and more recently, removed share counts. With the inception of Moments last week, the company has now become a news source along with a social network. All of these changes mark a move toward a more mainstream network that many users have compared to Facebook.

Since it became public in 2013, Twitter has faced constant pressure to appeal to more than just its core users. The site’s bare-bones, microblogging format has alienated many would-be users. To succeed with the ever-growing masses of social media users, Twitter must adapt. Only time will tell if the “140 Plus” project will materialize and render the world of Twitter more appealing to the general public.

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