Here at OPUSfidelis, we manage successful online advertising campaigns for our clients. Our experience has shown us that retargeted campaigns can be highly effective in increasing click-through rates and conversion rates. How do you know if retargeting is right for you?

Social Media Today describes retargeting ads as:

a specific form of online advertising that’s fine-tuned to target visitors who have navigated away from the website in question at a certain point. This method of marketing relies on cookies to help to learn about their visitors and their behavior on site.

So ad retargeting relies on cookies- but how does that work? Social Media Today explains:

Website owners embed a small segment of code within their website – commonly referred to as a pixel. Whenever a visitor arrives onto one of your pages, this pixel will leave an anonymous cookie that will be stored in their respective browsers. From here on in, whenever your cookied visitor browses the internet, the code will carefully position relevant adverts to pique the interest of your former visitors.

The benefits

Retargetted advertising campaigns can yield 10 times the click-through-rate of typical online ads. Furthermore, “cross-device retargeting campaigns launched on Facebook can bring businesses based in Europe and Japan double the level of impressions, while click-through rates (CTR) typically improve by at least 52% across the board.” Lastly, retargeted campaigns have been shown to increase conversion rates – that is, make consumers choose your product after comparing it with offerings from multiple brands. Software Advice notes that “website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70 percent more likely to convert.”

Part of the reason retargeting is so effective is because it builds on a pre-existing basis of interest, reminding users who have already visited your site of what they were viewing.

The cost

Retargeting is not for everyone. Because it is so effective and uses sophisticated technology, it can be expensive – and depending on your industry, the cost may outweigh the benefits. However, if your market is especially competitive, it may give you just the edge you need.


If you are considering a retargeting campaign, talk to us!