Illinois and California have joined Michigan, New Jersey, and a small handful of states to create the legal concept of “social media rights”.

It may surprise you, but several employers have demanded that their employees give up their Facebook and Twitter passwords. That way, employers could quickly see if you are accessing social media websites to post embarrassing pictures or to tell the world how horrible your workplace is. Some men and women have been forced to find other employment, and one teacher was fired outright. That’s why new laws had to be implemented in these few states.

“In a report issued last year, the Council of State Governments said it had received several reports of people being asked to delete their social media accounts, ‘friend’ the human resources director and/or supply private login credentials to employers. The new Illinois law explicitly bans such employer requests, even for jobs that require comprehensive background screening.” –

This is a great day for social media because, as these laws take roots, Americans will begin to secure more privacy over their social networking accounts. We are excited to see which state adopts these laws next.

What do you think about the concept of “social media rights”?