Last week, we talked about how Pinterest is currently gaining a reputation as one of the most useful tools on the market, holding second place for the highest social traffic referrer in the world. However, it’s not just the vast audience or the huge variation of interests which have contributed to its overall effectiveness. The secret lies in their advertising methods.

According to an article on SocialMedia Today:

The half life of a Tweet is approximately 15 minutes – in other words, half of all people that will see your Tweet will see it in the first 15 minutes, and the other half might see it over the next couple hours. The half life of a Facebook or Instagram post is around 8 hours.

But the half life of a Pin? It’s between 3 and 4 months. 

Because of the nature of Pinterest’s platform and its algorithm, Pins live on forever.

Not only are ads on Pinterest seemingly eternal in the fast-paced world of marketing, but they also use cutting-edge technology to increase their efficaciousness. Three of the most recent advertising features have already surpassed features offered on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Lens, Search Ads and Video Ads.

Lens allows users to use their camera to shop by taking a picture of a desired item and then showing all potential matches featured on Pinterest. This means that if your promoted Pin matches or is similar to the item, then it will be suggested to the user.

Search Ads are the next hot advertising strategy on Pinterest, which utilize keyword targeting. It gives an advertiser the unique ability to tap into the interests and behavior of consumers, giving businesses the ability to create and target ads with precision.

Last but not least, Video Ads have been introduced to the platform. They have been created so that they start playing as soon as it is within the frame of the screen, consequently grabbing the eye of the targeted consumer.

SocialMedia Today reports:

There are countless success stories from brands of Pinterest Ads.

Some highlights that have been reported:

  • 50% higher click to purchase rate
  • 2600% increase in website traffic from Pinterest
  • 90% lower CPM
  • 40% higher subscription rate
  • 70% increase in account signups
  • 40% increase in revenue

With numbers such as these, it is no wonder that business and corporations are flocking to Pinterest. We can only hope that other social media platforms can soon offer equally impressive advertising options.