At the beginning of this year, the legendary Vine app came to a dead halt when Twitter officially ended its support of the 6-second video platform. Twitter stated the move was an attempt to cut costs and devote more time and energy to their up and coming live-stream feature.

Although it may have been a practical financial choice, the decision left users confused and upset. In fact, in an attempt to keep popular Vines alive, a number of devoted app users uploaded the loops to YouTube and other video platforms, hoping to save nearly 5 years of hilarious video content.

But is Vine actually gone for good? We think not.

On December 6th, Dom Hoffmann, one of Vine’s three co-founders, made a cryptic Twitter announcement featuring his new project, aptly entitled ‘V2’:

Does this mean that there will be a Vine resurrection? Digital Trends thinks so, contributing the following details as proof:

Hofmann earlier said he intends to fund it himself — perhaps using some of the $30 million Twitter reportedly paid for Vine five years ago, if he has any of it left — but declined to offer any details, saying only that he would reveal more “as it develops.”

And in late November Dom also tweeted this little note:

However, there is a lot of uncertainty hanging in the air. After the termination of the famous app, all three founders went on to create other apps, all of which met will little to no success. Which leads us to the question: Will V2 be a success? Or just another option in a sea of apps?